TRIBUTE: Velvet – Matte finish Lipsticks! Cheap to Expencive…


Velvet Matte Lipstick

Hello everyone!!! We Love Matt Finish Lipsticks , and there is a great trend out there, every company has now its own line with Velvet Lipsticks and I thought that it would be great to give a hint about them, especially about their value!!! Let’s she together some of them!!!


1.Make Up Forever Aqua Rouge, 19 shades


 make up store aqua rouge

2.Stay All Day Liquid Lipstick, 10 shades

Value: 22$

Most Wanted Colors: Aria, Fiery, Dolce

stilla stay all day Licquid Lipstick

3. Lime Crime Velvetines, 9 shades

Value: 20$

Most Wanted Colors: Red Velvet, Wicked, Utopia


4. Dose of Colors, 5 shades

Value: 18$

Most Wanted Colors: Berry Me, Merlot, Kiss of Fire

dose of colors matte

5. Rouge Edition Velvet, 8 shades

Value: 11$

rouge edition velvet

6. Nyx Soft Matte Lip Cream

Value: 6$

Most Wanted Colors: Transylvania, Copenhagen, Cannes

nyx soft matte lip cream

7. Mega Last Wet n’ Wild Liquid Lip Color, 13 shades

Value: 4$

Wet-n-Wild Megalast Liquid

8. MUA Luxe Velvet Lip lacquer, 10 shades

Value: 3$

Most Wanted Colors: Criminal, Reckless, Funk, Kooky

mua luxe velvet lip lacquers

Tips: 1. The prices are subjective, you may find them cheaper when they have a discount!

2. Before you use them be sure that your lips are smooth, (Exfoliate them)

3. Everyone them has its one goods but the best cheap alternative is Mua Luxe!!!