Dupes : Afordable Drugstore Options

high end

We all Love Expencive products but we also Like not to spend much money on Make-up, so above there is a List with great High-End products with their possible Dupes!!! Enjoy


The Contenders:

Mac studio fix fluid SPF 15, 27$

L’oreal Infallible Pro-matte foundation, 13$

Info: Both are so great especially for those with oily Skin


The Contenders:

Too Faced Glitter Glue, 20$

 Elf Glitter Primer, 2$

Info: They do the same Job: (Apply Pigments)


The Contenders:

Anastasia Brow Wiz, 22$

Nyx Micro Brow Pencil, 10$

Info: The Anastasia one needs less pressure to have the desire result! Rather than that Nyx is also great! You can’t go wrong!


The Contenders:

Laura mercier translucent powder, 30$

Maybelline shine free loose powder, 6$

 Info: I use Maybelline one in “Light” and I can’t really tell a difference between both!!! 


The Contenders:

Hourglass Mineral Veil Primer, 52$

Nyx Angel Veil Primer, 24$

Info: They are Lovely Primers which prolong make-up! Nyx is a bit more Hydrating for me, that’s why I prefer it more!!! 

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Dupe: Nars vs NYX !!!


Recently I bought NYX ” Pinched ” Blush, and I thought to post the differences between NARS “orgasm” and NYX “pinched” Blush! Keep reading….


Few words:

I believe that these two are definitely color dupes but there are some differences about the consistency. I believe that Nars is much pigmented than Nyx one, Nyx is also more powdery than Nars, that means that you need more layers from Nyx Blush to get the exact same effect on skin! Rather than that I find that Nyx blushes are very good Drugstore products and I want to buy more in the future! We all know that Nars products are Great especially now!!! I would like to mention that since I bought “Pinched” I use it almost every day, cause I really liked it! To the photos bellow I applied NYX one two times! Look how they reflect


My opinion:

When you use these blushes, don’t add a Highlighter because they already have a shimmer! Now see by your self:

Nars “orgasm” : No Flash and Flash


NYX “Pinched” : No Flash and Flash 


As you can see there is no visible difference!!!

I would like to know your opinion to!

Thank you for reading! ❤ Have a Lovely day! 


Dupe: Iconic 3 palette vs Naked 3 !



I made some purchases for Christmas !!! One of them was from Make Up Revolution, I bought some of their products, just to try out their quality! So I decided to buy a well-known dupe for naked 3 palette, and I am so enthusiastic about it, that’s why I ‘d like to make a review for it! 

I let you know that since I bought it I use it all the time!!!

I will so you all the swatches, and let you know which are the exact color dupes!!! Continue reading….

Here is how they look like side by side :



And here are the swatches :

swatches naked 3 vs iconic 3

Few words  about the quality:

I have to admit that naked 3 palette has great quality non powdery and well pigmented, as for the iconic 3 I have to say that is a very good color dupe but I believe that the consistency is a bit different it needs a good brush to apply and little more time to build the shadow! Other than that I can find any difference and if you thinking the price there is a great contrast : Iconic 3 costs only 4 pounds!!! Price is an important factor!!! And they have so many palettes to choose…..

It is your decision to make!!!

You can find Iconic 3 Here: http://www.makeuprevolutionstore.com/index.php/palettes/iconic.html


Thank you for reading! If you have any questions ask!!!


Dupes: Lipsticks – Lip Pencils


Here are some Dupes that I really like. Continue reading….

1.        Mac Lip pencil “Whirl” vs Nyx “Mauve”
Value: 16$ Vs 3.5$
2.      Mac Lip pencil ” Spice ” Vs Jordana ” Rock n’ Rose”
Value: 16$ Vs 1.5$
3.       Mac Lip pencil ” Subculture” Vs Jordana “Tawny”
Value: 16$ Vs 1.5$
4.     Mac “Rebel” vs ” Wet n’ Wild “Sugar Plum Fairy” vs Milani “Up town Mauve”
Value: 16$ vs 3$
5.      Mac “Cyber” vs  Wet n’ Wild ” Vamp it Up”.
Value: 16$ Vs 3$
6.     Mac “St Germain” Vs Wet n’ Wild “Dollhouse”.
Value: 16$ vs 3$
7.     Mac “Sin” Vs Revlon “Black Cherry” Vs Wet n’ Wild “Cherry Bomb”
Value: 16$ Vs 8$ Vs 3$
8. Mac “Snob” Revlon ” Pink Pout”.
Value: 16$ Vs 6.5$
9.     Kat Von D Liquid Lip Stain ” Lolita” Vs Nyx Soft Matte Lip Cream “Cannes”
Value: 19$ Vs 6$
10.     Mac ” Angel ” Revlon ” Primrose”.
Value: 16$ Vs 6.5$
I hope you really like it , and helped!!! 
Thank you for Reading!!!

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REVIEW : Elf High Definition Powder “Yellow”


Last week I purchased  Elf High Definition Powder in ” Corrective Yellow “, among other beauty products , And I though that it would be great to make a review for it because I really loved it !!! Continue reading…

  So last week I was looking for some goodies and I bought a thing or two!!! One of them was the High Definition Powder , as you all may know the High Definition Powder in clear by ELF, considers to be a dupe of HD powder by Make-up Forever , I am not pretty sure with this version, because Make-up Forever has higher quality  products in general, and Make-up Forever is a brand specificated only in make-up products!

There is a debate about these two … But if we consider their price , Elf one wins the battle !!! 6$ vs 34$

I didn’t want to buy the clear one, so I ended up with the Yellow toned powder~!

  I used it for 1 week now every single day, and I Love it , it certainly has become one of my favorites powders! It has a nice and loose consistency , and it feels great on my skin!

Here is a swatch:



  I used with the Elf Powder Brush after my foundation, all over my face and my eyes, It glides very easy . It also makes my face smoother, although I have a dry skin it feels great. I have to mention that it lasts on my face for 4-5 hours , I believe that its duration is pretty good and If I want I can fresh it up! I will include it on a my daily Make-up routine and I will Have a Post about it, pretty soon!

You should definitely Try it, It is a value for money product !!!

Tfr !!! o