Empties I Loved !!!


Today I have some empties from the last two – three months that really liked,  they are seven and they worth a try …


Here is the List, and of course they are all value for money ….

  1. Gliss Hair Repair with Liquid Keratin , I Love this shampoo I have purchased more than 5 times the reason why : It worths it, I use it with its own conditioner and they do great job to my dry hair!
  2. Avon Naturals Creme Souffle Lilly and Gardenia , this is a body creme and I love it, It smells great and it soothes skin. This creme really glides on skin and lives you with a great feeling…
  3. Dove Roll – on Talco , I have to  say great smell especially if you love that baby powdery product smells!
  4. Clinique Clarifying Lotion 1 (for dry skin) , I used it with the whole set and it really seams that it works on me.
  5. Far Away Shimmering Body Powder by Avon , once again great smell and on my also faves, I ‘ve already purchased it 3 times! It appears in other smells two (also great)!
  6. Loreal Elvive Extraordinary Oil , Not the best hair product, but for its price I believe that has something to give, it might not be a professional hair product but it Helps!
  7. Gliss Hair Repair, this line has something special I think that Liquid Keratin really gets the JOB Done!

I hope you really like my post, and I suggest you to give them a try !!!

TFR!!! ❤