Haul: Kiko Milano



Hello Everyone !!! Recently I have been to ITALY ❤ It was one of my greatest experiences (Loooveely City) , but I couldn’t live without visiting KIKO Milano stores in Italy since there are not any in Greece. I went there from the first day so I can see all of their products out front. I ended up buying a few of their products which I found interesting, I also tested each one of them haha!

I will definitely upload a post with my review for each of the items I bought…. Bellow is the List with the ones I found interesting! Continue reading…



  1. Kiko Milano: Extra Sculpt Mascara, it is a Volume Mascara suggested by Kathleenlights on youtube! I tried it as soon as I bought and I have to admit that is one of the Best for sure! ❤ Price:  8.9 euro
  2. Kiko Milano: Flawless Fusion Bronzer Powder in “05”, it is a beautiful shade ❤ even for fair skin as mine! It became one of my favourite bronzers! Price: 10.9 euro Great Price!
  3. Kiko Milano: Infinity Eyeshadow in “214”, it is an eyeshadow in a light shade great for a base!Price: 5.8 euro
  4. Kiko Milano: Natural Concealer Correcteur de teint in “04”, it is a concealer that works as a primer due to its Green  colour cancels redness! So far so good! Price: 7.9 euro 
  5. Kiko Milano: Pencil Lip Gloss in “08”, it is a Crayon Lip gloss in a loveable Nude colour! ❤ Price: 3.9 euro

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Thank you for Reading!!!


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