March Favourites ! 2016


Shopping make-up is one of the most fun experiences! It’s like a kid going to a Candy shop… The most stunning of all is the Nip+ Fab Skin “Dragon’s blood serum” Even though it is the first time I shop something from this brand I feel excited! This Serum is the one Kylie Jenner Loves <3, and definitely it became one of my faves too…


March Shopping List :

  1. MAC Lipstick in “Brave“: one of the most famous shades of mac out there… Also famous by Kylie!!!
  2. NIP+FAB Skin “Dragon’s Blood Fix” : GREAT serum it really plumps my skin every day! I use it almost every night and I definitely have seen my changes… ❤
  3. STRADIVARIUS glasses: nothing to add here… just love…
  4. NIVEA anti-perpirant in “Talc Sensation” : it has a pleasant smell which protects you from sweating for lot of hours. I have been searching for a good one for a long time now and thankfully I found one that suits me! Price: 4$
  5. GOLDEN ROSE Mascara in  “Wonder lash 12x“: this mascara is a gift from heaven it instantly lifts and volumizes my lashes. It is a really affordable it only costs 7$
  6. LA ROCHE- POSAY “Toleriane Riche“: it is the cream that I have been using the last month it is a soothing and protecting cream paraben, fragrance and preservative free!!! Price: 11$

Thank you for reading once again!!!




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