Christmas Makeup Haul !!!



Christmas may be over but the xmas spirit is still on ….

The weather even that is this time of the year is great, (sun is shining, birds are singing) so I found the chance to make a small collective haul for the holidays bellow is the list of the products I recently bought! Each one of them was in my WISH LIST for a long time….


Christmas List Haul:

1.Merry Berry Highlighter, by Essence : it is a holiday release by essence. I already ❤ this highlighter it has sheer glow like Hourglass ambient lighting palette!!!

2. Milk Chocolate Soleil in “Light/Medium“, by Too Faced : my Favourite High-End Contour and Bronzing Shade!!! ❤

3.XXXL long-lasting matte in “Soft Nude“, by Essence : it is a liquid matte lipstick in “Nude” color with a suede-matte finish! Nice Color!

4.BrowSatin pencil in “Dark Brown“, by Maybelline : it is the 3rd pencil I buy, it gets the job done for me and it is really cheap!

5.Studio Moisture Cream, by MAC : Definitely my favourite moisturising cream (PS: Dry Skin) ❤

6. Lipstick in “Brave“, by MAC : Just ❤ this Color!

7. Nivea Man Sensitive After Shave Balsam, by Nivea : this product is actually a great alternative for a glycerin Face Primer (famous by Nikkie Tutorials) !!!

8. Skin Moisturising CC Cream in “Light“, by Bioten: it is a famous greek Brand which has a great variety of products. I use everyday as foundation !

9.long-lasting Lipstick in “47“, by Radiant: Great formula by radiant, and great dark brown color! ❤

I will definitely include Swatches for all the products above in my next post! If you liked this one read my Top 5 Drugstore Concealers

Thank you for reading!!!


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