Month: October 2014

Today Lovely Red …


Red the “Color of Passion” , today I was in the mood for Red so I went for it… Keep Reading !!!


Products I used: 



  1. CC Cream by Bioten ( Fair )

  2. Concealer By Clinique in chamois

  3. Blusher by Erre Due A similar color is the one by Rimmel in color Santa Rose Love It !!!

  4. Eyeshadow in a Brown color

  5. An Eyeshadow palette, I used the light color under my eye bone !

  6. A dark brown Eye Pensil , I used it like a eyeliner to darken my outer corner !

  7. Eyelash Curler, before Mascara.

  8. Mascara by Mabeline The Colossal Cat Eyes !

  9. Eye Brow Pencil .

  10. A Lip Pensil by Flormar !

  11. For a smooth effect I used Baby Lips in Peach !

     I believe that in Make up we can use whatever we Love or Like, it is up to use, we can find the expensive but we can also find the cheap too, it depends to our budget… I Love Make up and  try to use Value for Money  products most of the times, I don’t say that I don’t buy High End but I can do my job either way!!!


 XoXo !!!

Tfr !!! ❤

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Empties I Loved !!!


Today I have some empties from the last two – three months that really liked,  they are seven and they worth a try …


Here is the List, and of course they are all value for money ….

  1. Gliss Hair Repair with Liquid Keratin , I Love this shampoo I have purchased more than 5 times the reason why : It worths it, I use it with its own conditioner and they do great job to my dry hair!
  2. Avon Naturals Creme Souffle Lilly and Gardenia , this is a body creme and I love it, It smells great and it soothes skin. This creme really glides on skin and lives you with a great feeling…
  3. Dove Roll – on Talco , I have to  say great smell especially if you love that baby powdery product smells!
  4. Clinique Clarifying Lotion 1 (for dry skin) , I used it with the whole set and it really seams that it works on me.
  5. Far Away Shimmering Body Powder by Avon , once again great smell and on my also faves, I ‘ve already purchased it 3 times! It appears in other smells two (also great)!
  6. Loreal Elvive Extraordinary Oil , Not the best hair product, but for its price I believe that has something to give, it might not be a professional hair product but it Helps!
  7. Gliss Hair Repair, this line has something special I think that Liquid Keratin really gets the JOB Done!

I hope you really like my post, and I suggest you to give them a try !!!

TFR!!! ❤


No make-up Make-up !!!


Keep reading for a nice and fresh everyday makeup look !!!

I so so Love to keep my face as natural as possible except if I have an event, but still I don’t overdo it!!! Because of my morning university classes I happened to be a bit of frugal with my Make up ! I want to have simple and quick Makeup Products to work easily with , so let me show you what I personally use ….

Products I use on a Daily Basis for Morning Make-up :


As you can see I don’t use a Foundation but a CC Cream, If you want more coverage i would suggest Mac Face and Body Foundation or Lumi by L’oreal ❤ !!!
  1. CC Cream by Bioten ( I am not sure if this CC is only available in Greece Sorry! ). It’s my favourite CC at the Moment!

  2. Garnier Roll-on anti-cernes, I use it as an under-eye  concealer. For me is a very good product in a good price !

  3. A natural Blush by Clinique in shade innocent peach !

  4. An Eyeshadow by MAC in shade Shroom !

  5. Clinique eyebrow pencil <3. The best!!!

  6. A natural toned Lipstick I used MAC fanfare !!!

  7. One of my favourite Mascraras The Rocket Volume by Maybeline !

I certainly Love all the above and I have repurchased them more than once !!!

Hope you Like it !!! Thank you for reading !!! Read Also my 10 Beauty Essential !

Be Happy!!!