Lovely Lollipop Lips + DIY !!!!



Let’s get this ombre lollipop looking lips ….



We will need only 3 – 4  products it depends on how shine you want it  !!!




*Exfoliate your lips with a Homemade treat or a tooth brush!!!

  • Firstly, I used No 1. , wich is a nude pink gum colored pencil, all over my lips to make them look  fuller ! Instead you can use a lipstick in the same colour!!!
  • Secondly, I used a light concealer on top of the pencil almost until the ends of my lips. If you use a lipstick instead of a pencil skip this step …
  • Then  I used a nice intense bubble gum coloured lipstick  to the center of  lips to add dimension !!! Of course you can you any same colour you like !!!
  • If you want your lips to look shiny you can you any Lip Gloss , but I want it to look shiny-smooth if you now what i mean so I used my favourite BabyLips (in peach) !!!


This is my result in only one minute!!!Try it!!!






Thank u for reading!!!

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