Hello every one! Today i have a great review for Clinique’s chubby stick “Intense” Keep reading :


Clinique is a great brand for me i use many of their products and i ‘ll have a review for them too!

Their products are well cared, and in good price especially when they are on sale!!!

Αs for the Chubby sticks …

They have been released a lot time ago, and i bought them immediately, (they were also on sale) I ‘ tried the ” Super Strawberry ” and the ” Roomiest Rose ” !!!

Both of them were great but definitely ” Roomiest Rose ” stood out!

Few about the product…

It’s a moisturizing lip colour balm, It is quite sheer and it seems a lot like a lip balm! It doesn’t last on the lips as other similar products, but it is a very useful one! I use it almost every day it makes  my lips smooth and it leaves a great colour not only shine as the  ” Super Strawberry “ , I believe it’s because ” Roomiest Rose “ belongs to the intense line!

Here is a swatch :



If you like put more layers!!!


Thank u for reading!!!


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