I would like to inform you that i have already spoke about the company and its products at my post : Review: Chi Silk Infusion ! Take a look if you like!

Alright, now about the product:

at first i went to a salon beauty store because i wanted a product that could make my hair looking Healthier, the Hairdresser suggested me to use a product that will improve my hair quality and not make my hair smoothier… I thought what is he talking about now???! Ι asked him ” what do you mean?” So he explained to me that the products that almost every woman uses  are making the hair smooth but they don’t improve the damage that has come to the hair ! Therefore he suggested something that could reconstruct my hair. When i went to the store i wanted to buy the macadamia hair oil spray , but he insisted on another hair product, for the reasons  that i ‘ve already mentioned, so we ended on : Chi Keratin Mist!!!

Enough with the story…

I am using Chi Keratin Mist among with some other products ( that i will also make a review ), for 2 months now and i have to admit that my hair is in a much better condition! My ends aren’t damaged anymore and they look so much healthier!

Keratin Mist is a leave-in strenghthening treatment , paraben free. The company suggests to use it among similar products of the same line , but i did not, the only thing that i have used is the Silk Infusion wich is also a good product!

Few information about the product…

It is a Keratin mist with Cationic hydration interlink and proteins, is an advanced leave in spray, and provides hair strength,protection and softness while leaving hair silky and shiny with increadible manageability!

It is 12 fl. oz. (355 ml ), and it’s price is aproximatelly 20$ or less!

You can find it everywhere on internet!



Spray evenly throughout the hair after giving them a nice wash, then leave it in and proceed with your dryer.

The results from the product will be noticeable after a few uses!!!

Let me know your opinion about the product ! I also would like to propose me other similar ones!!!

Thank you for reading!


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