The 10 Beauty essential every woman needs …


10 Beauty essentials every woman need to have in her Beauty Kit from my view !

No1 : A moisturizer

A moisturizer is necessary to keep moist and shiny your skin! This time i am using the clinique moisture surge intense skin fortifying hydrator , which is great for every skin type , because its base is just water.

No2 : A Make-up remover for face and eyes

Even the lightest makeup need a good cleansing especially when it comes to your eyes. I had no problem with almost every make up remover i used.

No3 : A Make up or a BB cream

It depends on your need, for example i am using at least five times a week a BB cream because i have a dry skin but the make-up  i recently bought is really good and helps my skin to keep its moist during the day, Its the Bourjois healthy mix Serum foundation ( in No 51, which very light shade and matches my skin tone perfectly ) .

No4 : A concealer

The concealer is for me the most essential , when it comes to concealer i become really careful . Concealer should not crease and should match really good with the rest of the products we use. I am using Mac’s prolong wear concealer ( in NC20, NW20 is great too). I am really happy with this concealer and i am using it for a long time now. If you are intersted check out my  10 TOP Concealers!

No5 : An eyeliner or eye-pencil

With only one eyeliner or eye pencil you can  make a great intense look , and you can end up with many different makeup looks. Prefer black or brown color pencil so you can have a smocky eye result . Eyepensil are great for an eyeshadow too , you have 2 products in one! There are too many products in the market that do the job , every one has its own favourite , mine are Mac’s eye-pencils and for eyeliner i am using Loreal’s gel intenza Eyeliner in color black.

No6 : A Blush

A blush that matches your skin tone so you won’t look pale . I am using too many but in the foto is one my favourite clinique’s innocent peach .

No7 : A Lip gloss

A lip gloss in a neutral color, but a little more intense than the natural lip color you can change your whole appearance since it will make your lips juicy and ready for kissing !

No8 : An eyeshadow

An eyeshadow in a nude highlighted color is great for every use that you can think . I have quite a few of them but my favourite is Mac’s Dazzlelight eyeshadow.

No9 : A Mascara

Mascara is one of the greatest products that exists. I am wearing it every single day , and I ❤ it ! I am using  Loreal’s Manga Mega Volume mascara , and  very satisfied with it.

No10 : A pefume

The fragrance is your identity. Keep one perfume always with you and be careful not to run out of it ! Even two drops are enough to leave your mark !

Thank u for reading!!!



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