Do you know the correct way to use a mask to your hair ?


Little beauty secrets to use properly the conditioner and the hair mask …

# 1 Do not ever put in the root:

If you put a mask directly on the scalp, it is a matter of time to create dry skin. Any balm should be applied only at the ends of the hair.

# 2 Do you want extra volume? Then put conditioner before shampoo:

Experts argue that usually an amount of conditioner left in the hair even after rinsing the shampoo. This quantity weighs the hair and make it fall down. But if you put the mask or conditioner before the shampoo, then you will moisturize your hair and you will manage to remove the entire volume of the hair after washing with shampoo, and give to your hair extra volume when dry.

# 3 Use a mask,  without using a shampoo:

Daily shampooing does more bad than good to your hair by causing dehydration and split ends. This does not mean that you can not use softeners on a daily basis. If your hair need extra care and moisturizing, you can use a bit of a mask without bating your hair with shampoo. The conditioners and hair masks moisturize and protect against frizz and breakage !

Thank u for reading!!!


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