Baking Soda yeah!!!


The uses of baking soda are so many…

Some of my faves are :

  1. Shiny Hair : Add a tsp of baking soda in your every day shampoo! This will give shine to your hair and will also make them really smooth especially if you have natural hair (non colored) !
  2. Hands : Ιf you want to clear the smell of : Fish , onions or garlic from your hands, you should put in a bowl 3 tsp of soda and one glass of water. Rub your finger inside the water for a couple of minutes and the and then rinse them with your regular soap!
  3. Elbows : Rub some water with baking soda to your elbows and they will get smoother!
  4. Feet : Put your feet for 15 min in a small basin with Hot water and add 6 tsp of baking soda in, your feet will relax and you will certainly feel relaxed!
  5. Nails : If you want to clean your hand or foot nails , then rub them with a little brush sunk into a water with soda, your cuticles will so smooth so you can remove them very easily!
  6. Breath : For Fresh breath put a tsp of soda in a glass of water drink it and them leave it for a while, wash your mouth after!
  7. White Teath : Add a little bit of soda on your toothpaste and then do the usual! (If your toothpaste has already baking soda there is no need to add more )

Spend a nice Evening !!!

Thank u for reading!


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