Best 7 Hacks for everyday use …

  1. oUse hair conditioner instead of shaving cream. If you are out of shaving cream and you just need to quickly shave and leave the house, you can replace it by using hair conditioner. Conditioners are very moisturizing and actually have anti irritating and anti redness agents in them.
  2. Reduce greasiness from face with the help of Starbucks napkins or coffee filters. Even if you wear make-up or not, sometimes your face might get very oily and this can produce unwanted pimples. Remove the oil quick and easy, with this beauty hack by pressing the napkin to your face.
  3. Use baby powder instead of dry shampoo. Have you ever been to the store and you couldn’t find dry shampoo? Go to the babies section and get some baby powder to replace the dry shampoo. It will successfully do the replacement and will make your hair smell amazing.
  4. Wash your face with baby oil to make it glowing an clean. Even if this sounds weird but it actually works, hydrates the skin and makes it look younger.It’s great for dry and combination skins!
  5. Apply shaving cream to your face and shave only after 5 minutes have passed. This hacks is for our male audience and it will reduce bumps and redness by preparing the pores for shaving.
  6. Groom your nails after a bath or a shower. Your skin and nails will soften during a bath and they will become easier to remove.
  7. Brush teeth while you are having a shower. Besides being fun, this trick will reduce your grooming time and use of water.



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