6 Mistakes you can do when you use the straightening iron!

Let’s be honest !


The perfect hairstyles are only in salons. However , if you want , , a perfect straightening at home then straightening iron is the way to succeed . Once you find a tool that ‘ll do, just tried to avoid these big mistakes that you may do to protect your hair!

1st mistake : Not putting a protective spray in your hair before you start

If you put a protective spray before using straightening iron is like wanting to ruin your hair .Put it to clean and dry hair .

2nd mistake : Use the lowest temperature of the iron

You might think that if the iron destroys the hair maybe you should have the lowest temperature . However , The middle to high temperature is better though this sounds strange. And the reason is because with the low temperature you will have to pass many times your hair to be straightened. A high temperature n the other hand the  means that it is very likely only with one pass to have the effect you want.

3rd Mistake: You pull the iron down when you straighten your hair

This technique will leave your hair with no volume. Instead , we take each section and straightens from the root upwards . This will give volume to your hair so that you’ve got straight hair and volume.

4th mistake : not using comb

Before you straighten your hair brush them so as to not be confused . This will make straightening easier and you will not have to spend many times with the iron on the same point .

5th mistake : do not leave your hair to cool

While the heat fixesthe hair , cold air makes the style. So instead grab immediately after straightening your hair plait , let them cool before you do anything .

6th mistake : You don’t clean your iron

The protective spray that you put in your hair ( if you put it ) and other styling products that you use, are making your  iron a mess . To prevent this , we make sure to clean it regularly.

Love making Hair…


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