Research: The makeup that captivates men!


The following research will definitely change your perspective on the makeup of the “first date “.

Getting ready to go out with your great love and have started preparations for two hours ! Hair, makeup , focus on the look , but also don’t forget to try the trick “I’ll donate seductive and fleshy lips” …

Is it a lost cause this whole process ?

New study done by psychologist , Alex Jones , Bangor University reveals that men find a woman much more beautiful when wearing little or no makeup !

More specifically , although many of the participants seemed to believe that much makeup is generally considered attractive , 40 % said no and they don’t find it charming !

Certainly Jones concluded that the definition of ” beauty” plays a subjective role has mainly to do with the self-esteem of the man or the woman .

Nevertheless, we hold that the more natural effect to your overall look, so you look more natural and the rest of your behavior ! Forget So bright makeup and loved the weaknesses and your strengths !

Be Happy!!! 




  1. I didn’t wear any makeup on my first date with my husband! He tells me all the time that he likes me better with no makeup lol, but I feel much better when I wear it. It totally helps my confidence!

    1. I believe that any woman feels better when she is wearing her makeup…Therefore there would be any makeup in this world…. but the thing is that we should first feel good with ourselves and then thinking about all the others…Everyone is Beautiful and everyone should feel like this!!!

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