4 secrets about concealer …


One of the most important allies in makeup , have its secrets …

It gives shine , makes you look fresher and relaxed  whenever you only sleep two hours , covering small speckle and pimples and eliminate dark circles in time dt! The Miracle concealer is the ally of every woman and at all times to … . Clocks emergency !

But you know everything about concealer ? Learn the 4 secrets for fantastic coverage and perfect results :

One can wear it before the foundation ?

Yes , you can wear it before the foundation if you want to give a light flash and not have a big problem with dark circles . Most often , we choose to put it over the base for better coverage always being careful not to have great divergence shades of two products.

2 Concealer on the upper lid ?

Use a small amount of concealer as eyeshadow for light flash on the upper lid . If you want to have do a natural makeup , this product is perfect to lighten up your look .

3 Concealer and pimples ?

Yes, it can cover that red pimple on my nerves but you have to choose the right product . Prefer therefore more solid concealers that come in the form of compact or tube and spread with fingers before you put the basis for perfect coverage.

4 The correct application ?

The implementation of concealer plays an important role in the final result . The best way is to reach out with your fingers , because it helps to have the perfect cover ! Launched under the inner corner of the eye and gently reached out and patted to the outer corner . Never rub the concealer and made sure to cover the entire area that you want so that the result shows a single . Check out THINKING ABOUT CONCEALER, to see my opinion for my TOP 5 ones! THANK U!



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