Cara’s Eyebrows …


Obsessed- Love- Need it- Get it !

You Need :

     1. Brow and lash brush and angled brow brush ….

     2.  Brow powder or powdery brow definer Pencil ….

  • Anastasia Brow powder duo(8 shades)
  • MAC Brow Pencil (There are many for this job)

     3.Highlighting pencil or concealer ….

  • for example: lumi by L’ oreal

    4.Translucent eyebrow Gel ,or you can use a colored one to ….

  • Maybeline clear mascara

Application :

  1. Brush eyebrows upwards.
  2. Thicken Brows with eyebrow Powder and eyebrow Pencil.
  3. Luminate the under brow area.
  4. Keep brows in place with the Clear Mascara.

If you do not have Cara’s eyebrows , but want a similar look, it is best to work with what you have! If you do not have rich eyebrows, do not try to create a pencil-result because it will show completely unnatural. Be creative !



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