Perfect eyeliner + Tips …

73501_472216159484414_1895254723_nEyeliner enchance the look so make it work!

It’s not so difficult to lock out the secret to perfect eyeliner, you just have to try as many times as possible until you get the desirable result.

Each one has it’s own way and technique, but with the right equipment things get easier… sometimes! Therefore I gonna tell you my opinion for some of my eyeliner preferations, being followed by some tips!



  1. Bobbi Brown Long-wear Gel eyeliner ( a quite expensive but also Great product, stays put all day )images
  2. Jordana Cosmetics INCOLOR Fabuliner Liquid Liner ( A liquid eyeliner which is great for each prise )loral-infallible-gel-lacquer-liner-24-hour
  3. L’oreal Infalible Gel lacquer liner 24Hour (An almost perfect eyeliner that also contains a brush ,only disadvantage : takes a bit longer to dry . It’s also the one that i am working with this month! )αρχείο λήψης
  4. Maybeline Master precise liquid eyeliner ( perfect for a cat eye look )loreal-intense-felt-tip-eyeliner
  5. L’oreal Paris lineur Intense felt tip liquid eyeliner(A perfect eyeliner for winged look)

Tips :

  1. Never stretch your eyelid when you apply the eyeliner, because the result won’t be the same as you let it.
  2. Try to look down as long as you apply it.
  3. Some Gel eyeliners  don’t dry fast, therefore it must be the last thing you will apply on your eyes, because you don’t want to mess it.
  4. Liquid eyeliners are quick and easy to use, you should prefer those with a Shorter wand, for more control!
  5. In my opinion, Gel eyeliners are a bit more professional but they work great if you no how to use them. You just need the Right Brush.
  6. Gel vs Liquid,  I prefer Gel because it lasts “forever” and it never dries .

Bellow you see the 4 steps that I follow for my Classic look :255044_389716917795485_95638666_n


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